Why Us?
Advantageous Offers
We work 24/7 to bring your store to a better place. Since we value you and your store, we make very advantageous and reasonable offers together with our team. Thus, both you and our team can leave the agreements happily.
Respectful Approach
We are aware that time and effort are very valuable in the business world. That's why we care about your time while making our offers and negotiations. We do not tire you with unnecessary details, we do not hinder your work by concentrating on the main lines of the offer.
Flexible Agreements
Not every store is evaluated in the same way. That's why we make our agreements according to the dynamics of your industry. We use highly informative details in our presentations and graphics. Thus, you internalize and understand our valuation system in the best way.
Decades of Experience
As Services Fee, we dominate the dynamics of the business. We strictly adhere to confidentiality agreements and never disclose the data we request from you. We manage the business process in the most accurate way, and we always take care of your time and effort.
Professional E-Commerce Transactions

E-commerce stores, which are promising and can come to very good places, cannot continue their rise due to the obstacles caused by the lack of capital and stock. Thanks to more finance, rational rational moves and an expanded customer network, stores can develop rapidly and provide more profit to their owners in the coming days. As Services Fee, we bring the stores that apply to us to better places.

What are we doing?

Services fee helps your e-commerce store grow rapidly and increase your sales by providing finance. In this way you can finance your Profit.

Business plans are prepared specifically for the Stores by our Operations team.

Thanks to financing, we completely eliminate the stock problems of the stores.

Since the products will be purchased in cash and in high volume, the stores will be able to sell them at more advantageous profitability.

Let us get your products with their invoices for you and save you from payment workloads.
The most basic principle of our company is a business understanding based on the concept of trust. We conduct our business by adhering to this principle.
More rational steps will be taken with periodic business data that stores can access from the panel.
Services Fee offers a financing model based on the globalization and growth of businesses.
Services Fee helps businesses manage cash flow.
Grow with your balance sheet in a healthy way without losing shares and without affecting the Findex credit report.
Step into a Happy Tomorrow Now!

You can sail your e-commerce store to the future with us and start directing your life with our advantageous offers. We offer finance to your store and globalize it. By adding value to your store, we expand its target audience as much as possible. Before proceeding to this stage, we go through a detailed analysis process and consider your store in all its lines.

We evaluate all the steps you have taken so far and control your income to the smallest detail. At the end of this work, we offer you a financial offer that you will receive in return for your efforts. You can reach us by filling out our form right now and take the first step to grow your e-commerce store.

Get Finances for Your E-Commerce Store Now