How do we work?

How Do We Work With E-Commerce Stores?
Analysis Process
Legal Agreements
Recognition Process
When you reach us and state that you want to get finance for your store, first of all, we know each other. We summarize our way of working and talk about what awaits us in the future. At the same time, we receive important information about you and we communicate by taking the first step in the investment process. As Services Fee, we can say that the most important step is the recognition process. At this stage, we take care to get to know the store by keeping our communication strong. If the desired communication is established in this step, the other steps become much easier.
Security Agreement
In order to finance your store, we need to access your data and analyze your profitability. Of course, we do not want this information from you unconditionally. Thanks to the strict security rules that Services Fee adheres to, you can be sure that your store will be safe. Before starting the analysis process, we sign a security agreement between us so that we can manage a much more secure process. We never reveal your confidential data and even if our agreement is negative, your information remains with us.
Analysis Process
In our analysis process, we conduct a detailed review of your Store. We need access to various numerical data so that we can give you a more accurate and durable offer. You can use the statistics of analysis platforms for this. In some cases, we want our experts to integrate some software recommended by our company into your company and draw conclusions. So we can offer your store the best offer.
Bid Stage
After a detailed analysis, we prepare the most suitable offer for you and present it to you in the form of a detailed file. We explain the basis of our offer to you in our file and clearly state the finance.
Legal Agreements
We are transitioning to the stage where legal agreements regarding the finance to be made for your store are made. We take great care at this stage because we want to stick to the trade agreements you have already made.
In the final part, all legal regulations are prepared and signed by the parties and the investment takes place. After this stage, we are expanding your store and as an entrepreneur, you can continue to take firm steps towards your dreams.

Everything is easier with our panel

Welcome to the Services Fee panel! In our panel, you can access a lot of detailed information as a store and you can find the command you want in seconds thanks to the handy interface. You can access analysis, data, projections and presentations about finance and process. Moreover, it is also possible for you to access all the files you have received in the past or that have just been transmitted separately. In this way, you can plan your finances in more detail and develop your store faster. Payments are made through our panel, you can make payments from anywhere in the world. In our panel, you can receive information about transactions very easily and you will be informed via e-mail. You can access your profile with one click and quickly change your password and information. Moreover, thanks to the open source code, you can continue your transactions with peace of mind by reviewing the security measures of our panel.